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Quilted Treasures

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With asked-for features, versatile built-in functions and user-friendly machine design, Brother's vast line-up has a dream machine for everyone. Beginners will love how fast and easy it is to learn to use a Brother machine. Sophisticated sewers will feel empowered by the potential of Brother's creative tools. Quilters will love the wide-open work spaces and shadow-free lighting and crafters will relish the sewing capabilities that no other machine manufacturer has made possible before now. They offer an advanced sewing and embroidery machine that lets users add embellishments to their creations, while dozens more Disney designs are as close as the touch of a button - they are built right into Brother Disney-enabled machines!

Sewing Machine Tip
When threading your sewing machine you must raise the pressure foot as it opens the distance between the discs, allowing the thread to lay between them. Lowering the pressure foot closes the distance between them, thus putting tension on the thread. If the machine is threaded with the foot down, the thread essentially just lays on top of the closed discs - and the discs don't put any tension on the thread.

Sewing Machines